By | March 8, 2018
Watch: Neck pillow becomes casualty of brawl on Southwest plane in ...

A Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas Love Field to Los Angeles hit a bit of pre-takeoff turbulence on Friday, when a brawl broke and bystanders had to get involved.

A 20-second video posted online on Sunday shows a man in a hoodie leaping into the aisle to punch another man, who falls backward into a window seat.

Amid screaming and shouting from the crowd, one man tries to broker a peace by pushing hoodie man away.

But hoodie man isn’t done yet. Shouting expletives, he lunges toward a man wearing a neck pillow and punches him too. The pillow flies off.

Another passenger puts hoodie man in a chokehold to get things under control.

It’s unclear what led to the debacle and what the resolution was.

“The reason we missed our connection,” the passenger who filmed the fight wrote as the caption.

The most telling and entertaining though, were the hashtags they used: #worldstar, #tmz, #southwestairlines and #WalmartoftheSkies.

One passenger had the following to say about the experience:

Southwest Airlines told The Daily Mail that the fight delayed the flight to L.A. The airline said the involved passengers were deplaned and handed over to local law enforcement.

Dallas police told The Washington Post they detained someone, but didn’t release any other details. Police had yet to release any details Wednesday.

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